Hello, my name is Alla and I'm a self taught artist born in Odesa, Ukraine and now living in Porto, Portugal.

Through the believe that clothes we choose to wear are deeply connected to our inner self, Nutró was born as a slow fashion project and a medium of self expression.
The love for nature with all the shapes, textures and colors it has to offer is the main inspiration behind the clothes you see here. Guided through a more intuitive creation, influenced by all that surrounds us, the process is very personal and comes mainly from the material itself, as well as a study of traditional craft methods. The quest for honesty and essence is caught in the process.
Handcrafted one by one in a small studio in Porto, Portugal each piece reveals a slow production method and care for each detail.  While producing there's always consciouness about turning waste into minimal amount. The appreciation for each material used makes it important to save and re-use the leftovers in different projects such as bags, hats, acessories or even packaging itself.
By using a natural selection of textiles, plant based dye techniques,recycled materials as well as avoiding trends and keeping a small batch production of timeless pieces, the aim is to show a more conscient and sustainable approach to what we choose to wear. 

Nutro is a reflection of myself and a continuous journey that evolves and changes with me. I'm always looking to improve my methods and creative process through study and experimentation while still offering you quality pieces to be cherishes for many years.

With love,

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